Wales 2018

First, a link to my Flickr page where I am building an album for this trip...

It was last October that I had taken any decent amount of time off work to unplug and get away from everyday life. Not having any specific locations I was desiring to visit, I asked my travel agent for suggestions. He responded back with Wales, UK as an option after he received some package deals to promote, and also knowing how much we love Ireland. Barely being able to identify where it was geographically located, let alone what draw it had for tourism, I set out investigate it further. I found it had several major points that hot buttons for me in: Castles (and lots of them), stunning Ocean coastline, and beautiful mountains, all in the size of Massachusetts. We crafted an itinerary that had has starting in Cardiff for two nights, driving to St Davids for two nights, then to Aberyswyth for an evening, and lastly to Ruthin for two nights, before leaving the following day out of Manchester.

A word on references: I would strongly recommend the "Rough Guide to Wales". This was my first time using this series of books for travel research, but I like the flow of it. I also picked up the "Lonely Planet: Wales" guide, which I found a bit drier and lacking details. It was a good backup reference, but I eventually left it home, taking the Rough Guide with me when we traveled. If you are planning on Castle Hopping, start with a couple of useful websites: