Weekend Review

Another grand weekend. We spent most of it at the Hermitage enjoying good food and friends. Friday was the usual PlayStation 2/Pizza/Battlestar Galactica night. Only two more episodes left in the series with some big cliff hanger or surprise ending to the season...I'm geeked...

Saturday we drove up to Michigan and stopped at Media Play because I wanted the latest Tori Amos CD to listen to. We also found a Peter Gabrial DVD from his last tour on sale, which makes a nice hostess gift. For lunch we stopped at the Popeye's in Monroe and the service was just a deplorable as I would've expected from any Popeye's. They have good food, but I have to wonder where they find so many hollowed out shells of people to staff their cash registers.

openpower kicks my ass...

Taking a crash course in IBM's new OpenPower Linux server line. Everything from HMC's to LPAR's. I am charged with a task of config'ing a box for the office with quad 1.6GHz CPUs, 8GB of RAM, Virtualization, and 1.5TB of drive space. Definetly a culture shock coming from the xSeries line. Should be fun to play with micro partitions and Suse 9 though...

wow, that's some snow

It snowed again overnight. We got, what looks like, 3in on the ground. I was going to get out of bed first thing and go shovel, but Jen fixed that. It looks like another weekend without plans of leaving the house. But that is a good thing as I can work more on my personal site (adding photo gallery support, auto LJ updates, and other trinkets).

Last night was grand, and I think fridays are my new favorite day. We took a trip into Wauseon to hit the WalMart for some stainless steel cleanser for Sephs new pots and pans and grabbed some Taco Bell before heading home. The usual friday format is: dinner, PS2, then BSG.

Job Title

I often wonder if I should revise my job title from Systems Administrator to something else. The something else is the stumbling block though. I have a hard time quantifying what I do in my daily job routine. Not that I don't work, it's just the spectrum of computer work I do is vast. Case in point, today at a single client site I debuged a flakey Xerox Multifunction printer, installed a new PC for an individual (and all the tasks like moving documents and applications that go along with that), and managed to get a SCO Unix server to print to a Brother MFC inkjet (an elegant solution of redirection).

Weekends Without Plans

I do love a good weekend without plans. I took an extra day off friday to clear my mind of work, which has been dominating my thoughts day and night. Friday, Jen and I took in a matinee of Constantine, which I enjoyed thoroughly. Afterwards we stopped by the old hair salon where she used to work to repair a network printer problem. We were still in no hurry to return home so we stopped by a Restuarant and Kitchen supply warehouse, which is only open during the week, to look for cookware. I was not impressed as it seemed to be mostly low end stuff for equiping diners. We had lunch/dinner -> linner at Cracker Barrel as we had a gift card. Nice thing it was free as it wasn't that terribly impressive. I was a good christian and took advantage of a fish special they had (I can rarely cook fish at home because of Jens allergies). I don't practice the whole Lent thing, but I can't pass up a good deal on fish!

Movie: Constantine

The wife and I saw Constantine today, yet another movie spawned from DC Comics. I was impressed by the visuals and it was a good story line, not Acadamy Award material, but that is not what I was expecting. It was a good action movie based loosely on Catholic myth and beliefs. Keanu Reeves did a reasonably good job for a somewhat typical role for him, and I also enjoyed the part of Gabriel played by Tilda Swinton.