birthday reflection

I had a very pleasant birthday this year. Jen got me a very nice book on wood turning which I've been wanting for a few months now. The Taunton's reference guides for woodworking are the same informational quality I would associate with O'Reilly and computer manuals. There is a a lot of good information on large turnings like bowls and vessels which I want to start in the spring. The other gift was the traditional Star Trek ornament from Hallmark (the "future" Enterprise D). We had a relaxing morning, Jen watched the Macy's parade while I worked on her Christmas present. Early afternoon had us on the road for our annual tradition of Thanksgiving dinner with our friends Deb & Brian. Once we got up past Ann Arbor, we started seeing snow on the ground and the trees, bu the time we were up near Fenton it was a winter wonderland. We had a wonderful dinner as always (one that I look forward to every year) and settled in for a 6 episode marathon of Black Books (I do love a good British comedy). Deb & Brian got me a Revell B-17G 1:48 Scale model which I have also been wanting for quite some time now. Yes, I build and collect scale models, it's a fun hobby that, like woodworking, teaches me patience. It was a prefect birthday with thoughtful gifts, great friends, gourmet dinner, and laughter. Thanks guys!