Turnings for April 26th

Here are a few turnings for the week of April 26th. The weather has been fantastic lately, and I am trying to take advantage of it while I can. We are expecting slight below average temps this coming week, so I am trying to finish up a few kits. Plus I really need to mow the lawn on Sunday, so I'll have limited lathe time. On to the pens: The first row is a pair of Corian Slim Style with Copper hardware. The styling is slightly different on each pen (I try to have a little fun with these pens) and the finish is wet sanded with micro-mesh to 12,000 grit. Row two is a pair of Wall Street II Chrome ballpoint twist kits from Woodcraft. These kits go by many different names (such as the Gatsby I have posted previously) but they all are very well balanced with good weight/heft. The pen on the left is a Maple Burl (click images to embiggen) which was found in a Woodcraft grab bag (nice find) and the pen on the right is African Blackwood. Both kits are finished with CA and a HUT high speed friction wax. The third row starts with a Black Enamel Atlas pen with Red and Black Acrylic (turned specifically for Jen, I sold a Black and Red acrylic she had been wanting for months now, so I had to turn one for her). It was finished with micro-mesh to 12,000 grit. The other item on the third row is a first for me, a chrome bottle stopper dressed in Quina, an exotic hardwood with a deep red hue, sometimes with purple highlights and high natural luster. It has a spicy scent, and is a source of balsam used in perfumes (now you all know what Quina is). The finish is sanded to 600 grit and polished with the Beal Buffing System. It was a fun turning project, although I know realize that I have gotten quite lazy in my spindle turning skills as I have been working solely on pens. I think I'll be getting a few more of these kits to work on my skills.