Ireland 2007

I contacted a travel agent (Larry Courtney of, who I've used a number of years for domestic travel, regarding Ireland in 2007. We discussed a number of things I thought I would make mention of, intermixed with my own ramblings/ceaseless prattle:

Travel Dates: With Dave having commitments starting in May, we figure last weeks of April would be a good time to propose a trip. I think Jen and I would like to go for 7 days or so, but there is not written rule stating we all have to stay the same amount of time. Larry said that a good idea would be to leave the US on a Friday or Saturday and return on the following Sunday.

Airline Considerations: We have a bit of time to solidify this since most airlines will not book anything past 320 days.

Ireland in April: cool temps around 57F, one of the lowest rain months, oddly enough. This is right before tourism season starts up, so things should not be very crowded at all.

Study Materials: Larry recommends the DK Publishing's Eyewitness Travel Guide to of the best resources for everything Ireland, and packed with pretty pictures.

Places to see: I know I would like to spend more time in one area then trying to get the whole country packed in that time. I would like to avoid the bigger cities and see a lot of country side/ruins/ocean. I would like to stay on the Western/South Western side, but I am open to options. I would also entertain an excursion to the Aran Islands.

More Questions, eh?

So, brings up questions like: are we planning to do things as a group, or split up during the days and meet up to discuss our adventures of the day? Do we call some hotel homeplate, or do we migrate from hotel to bed and breakfast to castles for accommodations? With the potential number of people going (perhaps 8: Anne & Roger, Dave & Sara, Craig & Jen, Chad, Stephanie), how do we handle we get a couple of them and do a self-drive tour across the area? See what I mean about ramblings and ceaseless/prattle?