a late birthday update

Where has the time gone? It's almost the last day in November, and I am trying to remember this blur that has been the past week. The birthday was a lot of fun. This was the first time in my professional work history that I actually went into work on my birthday. I normally reserve a vacation day for that, but it was so close to thanksgiving, which I had already taken a few days of vacation for, that I opted to go in. Jen baked a double batch of her famous chocolate-espresso cookies for me to share at the office, although there might have been a few missing when I finally made into work. Jen met up with me at my office after work ended so we could grab a bite at the Claddagh with Dave and Jens father and brother, then a viewing of the latest Harry Potter flick. In addition to the practice chanter, Jen also got me the latest Star Trek ornament and the Queen: A Night at the Opera CD (I listed to that to and from work on Tuesday and found myself singling along to all the songs without missing a beat). It was a grand day indeed.

Thanksgiving was spent in the company of some of the finest friends I've known. I always look forward to this time of year now that we've been spending it with Deb and Brian. It's a wonderful opportunity to relax before the rush of the holiday season. Their home is always warm and inviting and full of good food and laughter. I can never thank them enough for letting us impose on them for a few days. I also appreciate the birthday gifts, the Duct Tape a day desk calendar and the first season of Tripping the Rift on DVD. I also got a chance to scope out Brian's workplace...rack-o-licious...a heck of an installation to maintain, but it looks like fun to me. We also got to meet a few new friends and catch up with a few old friends which we do not get a chance to see as often as we'd like. The time always goes by too quickly, but the best times always do.

We cam home Saturday night and I got to spend the next few days working on some Christmas gifts and putting up Christmas lights. It's back to work today though, although it's a short week, I have the SE Informix Forum coming up next week (I'm presenting on Thursday) which I have to finish a few things for...this will be one busy month and I almost welcome the slow pace of January....