A Pen Making Anniversary...a Penniversary...

It has been a year since I started working on the lathe making pens and other small turnings. My Delta Shopmaster Midi-Lathe has performed admirably, cranking out 167 pens, multiple small turnings, and more recently bowls. I want to thank everyone who decided to make one of these their own or thought enough of the quality to gift them to others. I am having as much fun with this today as the day I started last June, and will continue to produce one of a kind fine writing instruments and other turnings. Thanks again!

On to the turnings for this weekend. From left to right, the first is a Classic Gold Hardware Fountain with Amboyna Burl (did I mention I love this wood?). Next is a Jarrah Burl Gold Cigar Ballpoint Twist. The Jarrah Burl (basically an Australian Eucalyptus) is riddled with voids and is prime for inlay work. Never having done this before, it was a bit of a challenge and while the patterning is interesting, my technique clearly needs work. The next is a second Bethlehem Olivewood Pen & Letter Opener Desk set. I turned one set for a retiring priest from a local parish, the Deacon who commissioned it fell in love with it and wanted a set of his own. The last is a bowl attempt from a chunk of hickory I was given from my friendly neighborhood Woodcraft store (it was one of the store workers who brought some extra in for a class and gave me one on my way out the door).

Until next time, which will probably be a few days as my lathe drive belt broke this afternoon (getting two new ones delivered this week), thanks for reading!