november 22 comes early this year

Jen was bursting with excitement to give me my birthday present when it came in the mail today. After baking me a cake and getting ice cream, we had a pre-birthday celebration. My present: a practice chanter for learning bagpipes with the first three levels of coursework (workbooks and CDs). The chanter itself is very well crafted, a good weight, and has a nice smooth finish. I read a bit of introduction and assembled the reed and lower and upper portions. As the introduction stated, my first sound emitted from it sounded like that of a sick duck. I got slight sense of apprehension from Jen, almost as if to say "was this a good idea?". I adjusted the force of air and the next sounds actually sounded like the instrument I know and love. I've got lots of work ahead of me, the course work is extensive, but I am very excited to have an opportunity to learn this wonderful instrument. Thank you sweetie!