Labor Day Weekend Turnings

It has been a wonderful holiday weekend so far. The Fulton County Fair is in full swing, we spent some time at parents house taking advantage of their swimming pool, and I got to spend some time on the lathe. From left to right, the first item is a kaleidescope kit. The style is a lot of fun and affords you many design alternatives. The "gems" are loose and can be replaced with other colors/items. This particular kit is dressed in Tulipwood and finished with CA/BLO and high speed buffing. The second item is actually one I worked on a few weeks ago, it is a purpleheart yo-yo with a gift box made from Japanese cherry and purpleheart. This was actually a gift for my wife who's birthday was this past weekend. I avoided posting a picture until she could open it up. The next item is a new kit style for me called a Panache. This is a very large clipless pen when turned and has a very good weight to it. The mechanism is a rollerball with black chrome hardware and dressed in Wenge. The last item is a European style pen and letter opener commissioned by a good friend who has been holding on to the wood for a year now. The pen and opener are dressed in Black Walnut which came from a downed tree as a result of a storm. The wood dried very nicely over the course of a year and produced a very nice desk set.