Turnings for the weekend of November 8th

Here are a few turnings for the weekend of November 8th. I have not had much time at the Lathe the past few months as other projects and life in general have taken priority. Daylight savings time (or lack of, I can never keep those straight) now means it's dark by the time I get home so most workshop time is now limited to the weekends. This weekend gave me a good opportunity to produce a few turnings while it rained/snowed on Sunday. All pens are gold plated European Ballpoint Twist style. From left to right through the table: marblewood, white acrylic, aromatic cedar, padauk, emerald acrylic, segmented walnut and maple, and kingwood. The next few weeks will be focused solely on making Christmas gifts for my family, so this may be the last batch of pens for the year.