Kitchen Floor Remodel

After nine years of learning to ignore the hideous linoleum flooring in our kitchen, the time came to tear it out and start fresh. The recent Memorial day weekend (coupled with a couple of vacation days) gave us the time to see this project through. We started Friday by ripping out about 75% of the old linoleum (which actually turned out to be two layers of linoleum) along with the hardboard substrate which seemed to have a nail every square inch holding it to the floor boards. With that accomplished, we borrowed the company truck and acquired the new laminate flooring and plywood before returning home. Saturday had us finishing the demolition down to the floorboards, leveling the subfloor, and the install of the plywood underlayment. Sunday we did a bit more prep work on the door casings then started installing the laminate. We got about 50% of the floor covered before calling it a day. The project was finished on Monday with the installation of the remaining flooring and trim work. I must say I am pleased with the end result: