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Area Nets Within Range of Fulton County

Location Band Frequency Day Time Notes
Bowling Green 70cm 443.5125 Tue 8:30PM ARES
Location Band Frequency Day Time Notes
Sandusky County 2m 145.250 Sun 6:00PM 186.3PL, ARES
Toledo 2m 147.270+ Sun 7:30PM 103.5PL, TMRA Q & A
Napoleon 2m 145.410- Sun 8:00PM
Seneca County 2m 145.450- Sun 8:00PM W8ID PL 107.2
Henry County 2m 147.315+ Sun 8:30PM
Toledo 2m 147.270+ Sun 8:30PM 103.5 PL, TMRA Swap Net
Bryan - KA8OFE 2m 146.820- Sun 8:30PM Williams County ARES
Adrian 2m 145.370- Sun 9:00PM 85.4 PL
Monroe, MI 2m 146.720 Mon 9:00PM
Lima 2m 146.670 Mon 9:00PM
Wauseon - K8BXQ 2m 147.195 Mon-Fri 10:30PM Bud's Midnight Madness
Chelsea - WD8IEL 2m 145.450- Tue 8:30PM PL 100
Bowling Green - K8TIH 2m 147.180+ Tue 8:30PM/9:30PM (01:30 GMT) 67.0 PL, ARES/Ragchew WB8NGW
Monroe, MI 2m 146.720 Tue 8:30PM DX Information Net
Wauseon - K8BXQ 2m 147.195 Wed 8:00PM ARES/Ragchew
Mansfield - K8RT 2m 146.940- Wed 8:00PM PL 71.9
Defiance County 2m 147.090 Thur 8:00PM http://k8von.webs.com/
F.R.A.T. 2m 146.835 Thur 8:30PM
Location Band Frequency Day Time Notes
Delta 6m 52.525 Wed 9:00PM F.C.A.R.C. 6m Simplex Net
Location Band Frequency Day Time Notes
Defiance County 10m 28.390 Sun 7:00PM USB
Bowling Green 10m 28.335 Sun 8:30PM
Adrian 10m 28.495 Mon 9:00PM
Adrian 10m 28.325 Tue,Thu 9:00PM
Lima 10m 28.430 Fri 8:30PM
Location Band Frequency Day Time Notes
Defiance County Net 80m 3.840.0 Sunday 7:00PM LSB
Great Lakes Traffic 80m 3.932.0 Every Day 8:00PM pre Net at 8:00pm, normal net @ 8:30pm
Ohio Single Sideband Net 80m 3.972.5 Every Day 10:30am, 4:15pm, 6;45pm http://www.qsl.net/ossbn/

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