wow, that's some snow

It snowed again overnight. We got, what looks like, 3in on the ground. I was going to get out of bed first thing and go shovel, but Jen fixed that. It looks like another weekend without plans of leaving the house. But that is a good thing as I can work more on my personal site (adding photo gallery support, auto LJ updates, and other trinkets).

Last night was grand, and I think fridays are my new favorite day. We took a trip into Wauseon to hit the WalMart for some stainless steel cleanser for Sephs new pots and pans and grabbed some Taco Bell before heading home. The usual friday format is: dinner, PS2, then BSG.

Dinner was yummy as Taco Bell usually is, thank god th nearest one is eight miles away. PS2 is always fun. We are building our characters up to level 20 so we can take on the next skill level of Champions of Norrath. Battlestar Galactica was a very tense episode. I hope their writers can continue on this track, this is the SciFi I've been waiting for. I will own the miniseries on DVD and I will own this first season when it's available.