Job Title

I often wonder if I should revise my job title from Systems Administrator to something else. The something else is the stumbling block though. I have a hard time quantifying what I do in my daily job routine. Not that I don't work, it's just the spectrum of computer work I do is vast. Case in point, today at a single client site I debuged a flakey Xerox Multifunction printer, installed a new PC for an individual (and all the tasks like moving documents and applications that go along with that), and managed to get a SCO Unix server to print to a Brother MFC inkjet (an elegant solution of redirection). This morning I was changing PHP code on another client site and setting up Web conference software later this afternoon. When people ask me what I do for living, the reply "I'm a System Administrator" will usually leave them with a blank expression. I think I'll change my title to Senior Problem Solver.