Weekends Without Plans

I do love a good weekend without plans. I took an extra day off friday to clear my mind of work, which has been dominating my thoughts day and night. Friday, Jen and I took in a matinee of Constantine, which I enjoyed thoroughly. Afterwards we stopped by the old hair salon where she used to work to repair a network printer problem. We were still in no hurry to return home so we stopped by a Restuarant and Kitchen supply warehouse, which is only open during the week, to look for cookware. I was not impressed as it seemed to be mostly low end stuff for equiping diners. We had lunch/dinner -> linner at Cracker Barrel as we had a gift card. Nice thing it was free as it wasn't that terribly impressive. I was a good christian and took advantage of a fish special they had (I can rarely cook fish at home because of Jens allergies). I don't practice the whole Lent thing, but I can't pass up a good deal on fish!

We stopped out to a Linens-n-Things, or something like that, to fondle the cookware, but the store layout is confusing and almost claustrophobic. We opted to head home after that for our new friday tradition: PlayStation 2 and Battlestar Galactica. I am completly hooked on that series.

Saturday was greeted with Flakey Layer Biscuits, spicy sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches. We had a prior commitment to attend, my nephews Confirmation. Since the church was packed due to the large number of kids, we opted not to attend the service and head straight to the after party at my sisters house. She had a nice spread of food and Confirmation Cake (mmmm, blessed cake). We chated with the relatives for a while and then departed for Bed Bath and Beyond for more cookware fondling. Jen was sold on the Calphalon Tri-Ply stainless steel line. All we needed was my federal tax return. I guess I should have checked my account that morning as it was deposited. We did not realize this until we were home. It took a while, but I convinced Jen the pots and pans would still be there on Sunday :) The evening was spent playing more PS2 (Champions of Norath) and evaluating some CMS/Blogging software for my personal website.

This morning I cooked up some french toast while Jen made some breakfast sausage (mmm, meaty meaty meat). She received some e-mail from Dave who was interested in having lunch in town. I always enjoy a good lunch with friends, so we headed back into the big city. We where a few minutes early so we stopped at Bed Bath & Beyond to get Jens cookware, she has not named them yet, but I'm sure that will come soon. We had lunch at Don Pablos and discussed many things, including really bad movies. It had come up in conversation that none of had seen Freddy vs Jason, but we all had secret desires to watch it. We all agreed to head back to Chez Szczublewski and rent it at the local video store. It was as horrible as I imagined it could be, but fun as it was our own personal Mystery Science Theater. Dave also said he had never seen The Core, a movie part of Jens disaster collection, so we viewed that as well. It's a lot of fun if you've never seen it, but please suspend your disbelief.