Homemade Antenna Loading Coils

These are some loading coils I wound this afternoon to create a shortened 80m dipole antenna. The primary portion of the leg is 406" which should work well on 40m and 15m. The coil is constructed of 20 AWG enameled "magnet" wire on a 1.5" I.D. PVC pipe with the following specs:
Inductance = 101.236 uH
Form Diameter = 1-7/8" (48.26 mm)
Coil Diameter = 1-15/16" (49.199 mm)
Coil Length = 2-1/16" (53.076 mm)
Wire Type = Enameled
Wire Diameter = 0-1/32" (00.939 mm)
Number of Turns = 56.534
Turns Per Inch = 27.1
Turns Spacing = 0-1/32" (00.939 mm)
L/D Ratio = 1.08:1

I should have some time on Sunday to cut the 12 AWG lines for the various bands, but probably will not get it hoisted to test until next weekend, unless I get some nice weather this week when I can test it after work.


This is a really good site for calculating loading coils http://www.k7mem.150m.com/Electronic_Notebook/antennas/shortant.html