Another installment of: It Came From the Shop

When we last left our novice woodworker, he was learning the subtleties of the scroll-saw....

I wanted to work on something different this weekend (last weekend was the rocking bunny), so I thought I would get some practice in on the scroll-saw. I wanted to try cutting a few ornaments and a stacked Halloween decoration pattern from one of my magazines. First, here are the results. Saturday I worked a bit on some simple bunny ornaments. The stock I used was birch plywood, which was probably not the best choice since it splinters if you look at it wrong, but I had a lot of scrap pieces. I cut down 8 equal sized pieces and nailed them together to try my hand at stack cutting. I only broke one blade, but learned stack cutting is a physically demanding operation since you really have to keep a firm grasp in the work or it gets away from you.

The second project was a Halloween decoration of a witch in a forest (cauldron, cat and all) which I worked on today. This was a multi-layered project with a lot of fret work. After about half way through the second layer, I moved the scroll saw to a lower table and brought in a lawn chair to alleviate the pain of standing on a cold concrete floor for hours. The Halloween decoration prompted me to try a spiral blade (another blade that has a mind of it's own if you are not paying attention) and a reverse tooth blade. The spiral was definitely easier to use, but left a splintered mess on the reverse side (probably the poor choice in stock). Both projects still need to be stained/painted. Jen, thankfully, volunteered for this.

The rest of the weekend has been a lot of fun. BSG on Friday was outstanding again, I'm hoping they keep that momentum and tone throughout the season. Saturday gave me another reason to break out the kilt for the Annual Kish-Thompson Medieval Party. This was a fun time with great friends and costumes and is something we look forward to every year. Thanks to Dave and everyone else for putting forward all that effort. Thanks to Jen for posting up the pics as well!