Astronomy Stuff

With the massive solar storm recently, the aurora borealis was very visible down in northwest ohio last night. Jen and I were listening to the news last night and the local meteorologist said they should be vi sable. I immediately got up and went to the backyard hoping to see it, but could not see over all the "light pollution". I did see two meteors in the time of 45 seconds though so I ran back in to get Jen. She also concluded that "light pollution" was to great to see anything. Then suddenly the "light pollution" turned a very pronounced shade of green and started forming the telltale curtain effect. We were both very geeked and laughing at how we didn't recognize it at first. The meteor showers turned out to be the Geminid Meteors, which I had no idea were going on last night...some junior astronomer I'm turning out to be :)