woodcraft class: fear my shiv

I took a scroll saw class at the Toledo Woodcraft store today, mostly to make sure my technique is correct. I have never had any formal training, or even informal training, with most of the power tools I own, I just read books and try them, hoping not to lose a limb in the process. The class was productive and yielded a few good tips in some areas I was struggling with. The instructor also gave me a few shortcuts to use when working a project. I was probably the most advanced person in the class, but then it was a beginner class, and I have been playing with this saw for about a year now. The end project was a letter opener made out of cherry (when I saw the plans at the end of the page, I said quietly to myself: ooooo, a shiv).

I also have been working on a project for Jen. She wants decorative brackets for the front porch in the form of ivy/vines. She drew up a pretty awesome template for me and I went to work. I finished the last of the brackets today, so now they just need paint and to be nailed in place.