Turnings for the weekend of October 14th

Here are some recent turnings from the weekend of October 14th. I used my band saw to cut a wave down the center of the blank using an off colored wood. This creates two blanks in opposite colors. The swirl pens were created using mahogany and ash for one pair and padauk and basswood for the other pairing. The checkerboard pattern pens were created using the band saw and compound miter saw. Checkerboard pens were built up using walnut and basswood with either purpleheart or blackwood bands. The group of Antler pens were commissioned by a co-worker who supplied me with a generous shopping bag of antler from her husband. I have found a vendor who carries pre-drilled antler blanks which I may start using. Antler is easy enough to turn, but it is a complete pain in the ass to prep (find a suitable length for the tube, saw it to size on the band saw, drill out a 7mm hole...straight...set the tubes, mill the blank true...all before you can put it on the mandrel...)