what's this? no lathe chat?

I know, I know. A post without mention of wood turning or lathe work (oops, I guess that mentioned it). In other news, it's been a challenging couple of weeks on a fear level for me. A few weeks ago, I was flossing before bed and popped an old filling out. This is one of the old amalgam type with real mercury (because I don't get enough of that from the sushi I eat). I didn't swallow it or anything, but I knew it was time to get to the dentist ASAP before a simple filling replacement turned into a root canal. You see, the last time this happened to me, I ignored it and that's what transpired.

First, a bit of history. My family has bad teeth. Not appearance, just weak enamel (I think that is the correct word) and very susceptible to cavities. Growing up, it seemed I had to get a filling almost twice a year, despite good dental practices. It also didn't help the the family dentist was a sadist who did not believe in novocaine. Needless to say, I started to develop a sort of phobia, like one might to mimes or clowns.

So, I scheduled a visit with the same dentist that did my root canal so many years ago...approximately seven years ago to be specific. I know, you can say what you like, I was already read the riot act by the hygienist, but as an adult, I can consciously make bad decisions and live in denial. Anyhow, three visits in the past two weeks for a tally of: one periodontal, three fillings (one for the missing, two cracked amalgams that would fall out soon), and two visits for deep (under the gum line) cleaning, each time leaving feeling manhandled by the damn smiling dental hygienist...she is a devil woman...actually she isn't really that bad, she just really enjoys her work. On the bright side, I am done until the end of January, which will be a follow up periodontal and probably a crown for a tooth that is mostly filling. Lesson learned...never again will I go that long...never...

click to enbiggenBut in other news, we had a splendid weekend, despite Jen's untimely cold. We had a great day out to Oak Openings Metro Park (click image to enbiggen). We did some light shopping in town, had lunch, the stopped out to MacQueens Orchard for donuts and cider. We took or yummies out to Oak Openings for a snack by Mallard Lake, then a stroll along the White Pines trail and through the Haunted Woods. We saw a beautiful doe run through prairie area and had great weather to take in the fall colors. Afterwards, we picked out some pumpkins from a local greenhouse for Halloween.