let's go back to the lathe...

Last weekend was pretty well consumed by home improvement projects, and any time I did have was spoiled by the excessive humidity. The past week also had me working over into the evenings, so no shop fun for Craig. Today was all about the lathe though. I had a trio of projects I worked on, some bracelet assistants, some mechanical sketch pencils, and some hair sticks for fun. The bracelet assistants have 24k gold plated hardware and I chose aromatic cedar, purpleheart and padauk for the body. The mechanical pencils are what is called a shop or sketch pencil. The cap for the plunger mechanism has a built in sharpener and it has additional graphite refills, as well as some color refills for drawing on glass, metal, and other smooth materials. I chose a stabilized maple burl, acrylic 'cow hide', and padauk. The hair sticks had one made of oak and the other two made of mahogany.

The stabilized maple was interesting, I think there was enough glue and synthetics injected in that it actually turned and polished up like acrylic (using micro-mesh). It is fun, but that stock is a little pricey for my tastes. I am also not liking oak very much for turning. I was impressed by how fast the mahogany turned though. I rather like that material.

I also started constructing the weight for the clock projects and made a small pencil case out of some scrap 1/8" plywood (not picture worthy, but it's cute).